Safe use of the anticoagulant, Coumadin, requires careful monitoring and regulation of the drug. Here in our Coumadin Clinic we understand the importance of providing such a service to meet the needs of patients taking Coumadin.

Coumadin Therapy

Coumadin, also known as warfarin, is an anticoagulant that is used for many different reasons. The word anticoagulant means “against blood clotting.” Anticoagulants help the body control the way blood clots build inside your blood vessels. Coumadin does not dissolve clots, but it does help prevent clots from forming inside blood vessels.

What is the Coumadin Clinic?

Our clinic offers education and effective anticoagulation management for patients receiving Coumadin therapy. The anticoagulation clinic helps the patient understand therapy, as well as food and drug interactions. Our team is available for ongoing communication and to answer questions. With a simple finger-stick test, we offer immediate laboratory results, helping the patient to maintain PT/INR in the desired therapeutic range.

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